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Natural Cream Formula

50ml / 1.7 fl. oz. airless pump
33mg DHEA per serving

DHEA is a natural hormone produced in the brain, adrenal glands and the skin. It is the most abundant hormone in the human body, and is a primary building block for the body to make testosterone.

DHEAcell Rebalancing Cream is specially formulated from naturally derived ingredients blended with certified botanicals and DHEA to support men and women of all ages with symptoms related to low DHEA, low testosterone, adrenal, thyroid, and progesterone / estrogen hormonal imbalances.

DHEAcell is not a testosterone cream. It is a DHEA-rich rebalancing cream specially formulated in a liposome carrier system designed to transdermally deliver DHEA directly into your system.


DHEAcell is a safe and proprietary blend of botanical ingredients, manufactured in the United States to ensure quality. Our luxurious water-based cream is:

  • Fast-acting and long-lasting
  • Lightweight and non-irritating
  • Convenient and easy to use

DHEAcell is a DHEA-rich rebalancing cream specially formulated to be biologically identical feeling (bioidentical) and bathed in luxurious liposome carrier system designed to transdermally deliver DHEA directly through the skin into your system.

DHEA, like other anti-aging hormones, is produced by the body in abundant quantities during youth, then gradually declines to significantly lower levels in later years. During the prime of life, men produce approximately 31mg of DHEA daily, while women produce approximately 19 mg per day. At 45 years of age, we produce about half of that amount, and by the time we reach sixty-five, our DHEA levels are down to roughly 10 to 20 percent of their peak levels.

Suggested Use:

Apply one full press of the pump once a day as needed. Dispense cream into the palm of your hand and rub onto the skin of your chest, abdomen, inner arms or thighs, rotating application area each time. Do not use for more than 25 consecutive days.

• Purified Water
• Coco-Caprylate/Caprate
• Coconut-based emulsifier and emollient
• Montanov (Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside)
• Emulsifier of purely vegetable origin
• Extracted from coconut oil
• Zemea

• Natural, Plant-based Emollient • Lavender Essential Oil

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