Welcome to Vienue.com

Our Mission

At VieNue, we are committed to manufacturing products that deliver on their promise. Accordingly, we:

  • promise to provide safe and effective products that contain the highest quality natural and organic botanical ingredients available;
  • commit to honest and accurate ingredient disclosure on all of our products;
  • will not make claims that our products are all-natural or 100% organic - unless they are.

Due to the complex nature of product development and delivery, it is sometimes necessary to use formula components that may not be all-natural or 100% organic in order to ensure their effectiveness and shelf-life stability. You should know that whenever possible, we strive to use only plant- and minerally-derived ingredients for these components, and that, in accordance with our promise to you, if we do not use a natural plant or minerally-derived ingredient, we will disclose so on our label.

Whenever natural, safe, and effective formula components commercially available, we will incorporate them into our products, and when plant- or mineral-derived ingredients aren’t available, we will utilize the latest research available to identify the safest alternatives, and assess and verify the results for ourselves before releasing our product to you, our valued customer.

Finally, none of our products contain mineral oil, petroleum, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate or anything from animals. Our products are vegan, natural, eco-friendly, and have never been tested on animals.